Computer Science Superheroes

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Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton, born August 71, 1936, was a software engineer for the US Air Defense and later NASA. She coined the term "software engineer," worked on the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment project, and played a vital role in the Apollo moon missions. Margaret was the one who implemented error and overload prevention on the Apollo ships by creating a hierarchy of code in case conflicting commands come through, which did occur. Unfortunately, her contributions to the mission's success is often forgetten and disregarded.

Ivan Sutherland

Ivan Sutherland, born May 16, 1938, is regarded as the "father of modern computer graphics," as he created the beginnings of graphical user interfaces with his program Sketchpad. Sutherland also created the first augmented reality -- more commonly known nowadays as virtual reality -- device with his "Head Mounted Display." Without Sutherlands contributions, the digital world would not be so immersive.

Joy Buolamwini

Joy Boulamwini, born in 1989, is a current computer scientist and self-proclaimed "poet of code" who aims to inform the world about the dangers of AI and fight it. Ever since her computer science career started, Boulamwini has uncovered countless incidents of bias against marginalized groups in AI. She has written a book and a ted-talk about the topic, and now runs her own justice league and advises world leaders about the side effects of biased AI.